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Appraisal 20% Payment — Property Management in Levitical Law — Old Testament Times’ Real Estate Leviticus #2

Why 20%?

Rules about Valuations

Leviticus 27

14 Now if a man consecrates his house as holy to the LORD, then the priest shall value it either as good or bad. The price will stand just as the priest values it. 15But if he who consecrated his house redeems it, he must add a fifth to the assessed value, and it will belong to him.

16If a man consecrates to the LORD a parcel of his land, then your valuation shall be proportionate to the seed required for it—fifty shekels of silver for every homer of barley seed.j 17If he consecrates his field during the Year of Jubilee, the price will stand according to your valuation.

18But if he consecrates his field after the Jubilee, the priest is to calculate the price in proportion to the years left until the next Year of Jubilee, so that your valuation will be reduced. 19And if the one who consecrated the field decides to redeem it, he must add a fifth to the assessed value, and it shall belong to him.

20If, however, he does not redeem the field, or if he has sold it to another man, it may no longer be redeemed. 21When the field is released in the Jubilee, it will become holy, like a field devoted to the LORD; it becomes the property of the priests.

22Now if a man consecrates to the LORD a field he has purchased, which is not a part of his own property, 23then the priest shall calculate for him the value up to the Year of Jubilee, and the man shall pay the assessed value on that day as a sacred offering to the LORD. 24In the Year of Jubilee the field shall return to the one from whom it was bought—the original owner of the land. 25Every valuation will be according to the sanctuary shekel, twenty gerahs to the shekel.k

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